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About Solution MHE

Based in Bristol, Solution MHE is a leading independent supplier of Doosan materials handling equipment and warehouse racking solutions.

With customers in Bristol and across the South West, Solution MHE can satisfy all your forklift hire, sales, service, spares and training needs. Our sales and service facilities also cover Bath and Somerset, as well as Swindon and the whole of Wiltshire.

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Solution MHE was founded in 2000 by Managing Director, Frank Smith. Frank has been working within the industry for 34 years. Starting as a junior salesman with a national organisation he progressed on to become a shareholder in a small independent business.

After several years of hard work, Frank decided to use the sales skills he had developed as part of a larger organisation by joining a multinational company and working his way up to the position of South West Sales Director.

Frank had established that historically the industry worked by having two profit centres to support, these were forklift sales and forklift service. Frank noticed how salesmen were pushed hard for results for unit sales, giving them the authority to negotiate rates on full maintenance agreements.

This would then tend to hit the maintenance side resulting in the service department having to maintain a truck for 5 years on an unrealistic budget. This was, in turn, pitting sales against service, and not producing solidarity, and the end result meant the customer suffered.

Frank decided to form one business with one profit centre so that everyone worked as a team – sales, service and the customer. This was how on 1st October 2000, in collaboration with the Acclaim Group, Solution MHE was born and received their first order on 4th October 2000.

Since then the company has grown from strength to strength moving into new premises in Avonmouth on 1st July 2005, and starting a racking division by incorporating South West Storage in 2018.

Solution MHE now boasts a team of 18 including mobile engineers, workshop engineers, service manager, team leader, service admin manager, hire desk, accounts team, and marketing department Racking design specialist, and 2 installation teams, covering The South West of England.

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