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New Forklift Trucks

Warehouse Equipment Bristol

Solution MHE stock the complete Doosan Warehouse Equipment range for businesses in the Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire regions. Our range consists of products such as Powered Pallet Trucks, Stackers and Reach Trucks which deliver simple and powerful performance.

Building rugged and reliable yet simple machines has allowed Doosan to become a leading provider of Material Handling Equipment. By adding high specification features and proven technology, the aim is to increase your productivity whilst lowering equipment lifetime costs.

Doosan have designed all their machines to offer simple and powerful performance, as well as operator comfort and environmental friendliness. Their Forklift Trucks help you to get the most from your investment.

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Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck
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Powered Pallet Trucks
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Compact Stacker Trucks
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Heavy-Duty Stacker Trucks
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Double Stacker Trucks
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Doosan Forklifts in Action
Reach Trucks
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Product Features

We provide the full range of Doosan Warehouse Equipment, including Reach Trucks, Lithium-Ion Powered Pallet Trucks, Powered Pallet Trucks, Compact Stacker Trucks, Double Stacker Trucks and Heavy-Duty Stacker Trucks. Offering a complete range of modern Materials Handling Solutions that help modern businesses work more effectively.

  • Electric powered equipment
  • Capacities from 1,000kg up to 4,000kg
  • Various equipment for every application.
  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Electric power steering
  • Regenerative braking
  • Robust, compact chassis
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    Lithium-Ion Pallet Trucks
    From £1,787.00 + VAT
    1150mm x 540mm | 1,500kg
    Lithium-Ion Pallet Trucks
    Only £1,787.00 + VAT