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New Forklift Trucks

Reach Trucks

Our 1,400kg – 1,600kg reach trucks offer high power and powerful performance.

Are you looking to make your warehouse application more efficient? Doosan Reach Trucks offer just this with precise and efficient movements.

Simultaneous hydraulic control allows loads to lift, reach and side-shift at the same time. This offers the highest level of efficiency, reduces work cycle time and increases productivity compared to traditional forklift trucks.

Numerous safety features and the latest AC technology system with 360° and 180° steering with height and weight indicators make the reach truck a genuine proposition for every warehouse. These reach trucks use the latest AC traction and hydraulic pump motors to ensure powerful performance and increased levels of productivity.

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Product Features

  • Electric powered Reach Trucks
  • Capacities 1400kg to 1600kg
  • Side battery removal
  • AC drive
  • 360° steering
  • Fingertip Controls
  • Robust Frame Structure

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