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5 Benefits of Short-term Forklift Hire

There are many benefits for you and your business to experience when it comes to Short-term Forklift Hire, but we’ve highlighted five key advantages!

Here’s Solution MHE’s five benefits of Short-term Forklift Hire…

1. Tackle those busy periods with Short-term Forklift Hire

Being busy and experiencing high volumes of demand is only good for business, but it’s often the case that companies don’t have the required amount of Material Handling Equipment to cope with these periods.

Short-term Forklift Hire is not only crucial for a busy warehouse environment, but it’s perfect for your business from a financial point of view, as you don’t have to worry about big, expensive long-term investments.

2. Boosted productivity

Forklift Trucks are your best friend when it comes to increasing the productivity of your warehouse, supply chain or material flow. Each business has its own busy periods throughout the year, so working your Short-term Forklift Hire budget around these specific times is smart, cost-effective and efficient.

3. Contract flexibility 

Usually, you’ll have an idea of when your busy periods are and how you long you’ll need Rental Equipment for, but things can change quickly and unpredictable things can happen which require a quick response.

Short-term Forklift Hire can be from as little as one week up to as long as 12 months, and the beauty of short-term is that contracts can be extended if the workload requires the trucks.

4. Fill a Forklift-shaped hole in your fleet

You may already have a permanent fleet of Forklifts ready to go, however, things like breakdowns can happen when you least expect them to. Business keeps moving even when Forklifts don’t, so the answer may be hiring a temporary Forklift that matches your model whilst your original undergoes repairs.

5. Maintenance is covered 

Whatever the duration of your hire, if you’re renting a Forklift Truck from Solution MHE we’ll cover any maintenance that you may need during the time you rent our Materials Handling Equipment.

Solution MHE are here for all your Short-term Forklift Hire needs

Based in the South West of England, Solution MHE provide Forklift Hire services through our rental fleet made up of market-leading brands. To find out more visit our dedicated Hire website page or call our team on 0117 938 2012.

A bit about us

Managing Director Frank Smith founded Solution MHE in 2000! Read our story.

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