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BOOST Your Productivity with Doosan 9-Series Reach Trucks

Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high performance Forklift Trucks, has launched a new highly versatile range of productivity enhancing Electric Reach Trucks.

With its combination of faster operating speeds, advanced ergonomics and greater driver comfort, the Doosan 9-Series will make light work of heavy warehousing tasks.

The highly versatile range of Electric Reach Trucks were designed by a team of specialist engineers by using customer feedback.

Why Use the Doosan 9-Series?

Maximise Space

We know that warehouse storage space can be like gold dust, so be sure to make the most of yours.

The Doosan BR14J-9 and BR16J-9 models are 12% narrower than previous models, maximising the narrowest aisle widths. They also give operators the confidence to manoeuvre in aisles under 3 metres wide.

Improve Efficiency

Can you think of a business or industry that wouldn’t benefit from improved efficiency? Neither can we!

Doosan 9-Series Electric Reach Trucks improve efficiency through their increased speed and high-quality performance.

In addition, the BR20JW-9 and the BR25JW-9 models have the capacity to carry loads of up to 2 tonnes and 2.5 tonnes respectively. These two heavyweights are the true muscle of the range!

High Levels of Productivity

Design and engineering improvements mean 20% faster lifting speeds, 15% faster travel speeds and 10% faster lowering speeds. Put simply, you can get the job done quicker!

Steering in tight spaces is easier on drivers’ arms, wrists and shoulders thanks to the 9-Series’ choice of 180-degree and 360-degree steering.

Excellent Ergonomics

Safety, driver comfort and ease of maintenance are all key elements of the slick 9-Series trucks.

The cab’s fully adjustable premium Grammer suspension seat is designed for operator comfort and to reduce fatigue.

Top-notch all-round visibility makes movement safe and simple. Forward visibility is improved with an upgraded mast design, whilst fork tip visibility when working at height is enhanced by a new diagonal overhead guard.

The Doosan Warehouse Range is Growing

Doosan’s new 9-Series range complements an extensive list of new upgraded products. This list includes high performance Pedestrian Stackers, Powered Pallet Trucks and Platform Double Stackers.

As well as the Doosan 9-Series, Solution MHE offers a variety of products and services. Give us a call on 0117 938 2012 or email us at

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