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Learn More About Forklift Driver Training

When you purchase or hire a forklift you need to ensure that your operators are fully trained before they can drive them. This is to make sure that not only they are safe when operating your machines, but also those in the surrounding environment are safe too.

In this blog post we have answered some of the most common questions surrounding forklift driver training and provide information about the services we offer in this area.

Who needs driver training?

Anyone who will be operating a forklift or pallet truck needs to be trained before doing so. Also, Managers and Supervisors should also be trained to ensure they understand the procedures that need to take place.

Is there an age limit for a forklift operator?

As long as the person is over the age of 16, they are able to operate a forklift truck.

Does an operator only need one certificate for all types of forklift?

No. A forklift operator, if using multiple different types of forklift machinery, will need a licence for each of them. For example, someone who has a licence to use a reach truck will not be covered as an operator for a counterbalance forklift. They will require different training and a different licence too.

Does a forklift operator need a car driving licence?

No. The only time a forklift operator would need a car driving licence would be if they were to drive the forklift on a road, otherwise, this is not a necessity.

Can operators be trained on company premises?

Yes, the only requirement would be that the operator has access to the equipment they will be working with and that there is enough room for the training to take place. Training on the company premises can also have advantages, as the driver trainer can highlight particular safety considerations within the environment the driver will be operating.

Is training on a 1-2-1 basis?

It can be. Driver training can be carried out on a 1-2-1 basis, but it is also possible to train up to 3 operators on the same course.

How long does a licence last?

The certification bodies recommend that forklift operators are tested fairly regularly. The usual time frame that you are expected to be re-trained is every 3-5 years. Also, if they have not driven a forklift for a long time it is recommended, they get re-trained too.

Does training forklift operators mean that a company complies with health & safety standards for insurance purposes?

Yes. Training courses are created to National standards and are recognised by insurance companies.

Solution MHE training courses

Here at Solution MHE we have a range of forklift driver training available to the NPROS accreditation. We can train you at your site too.

  • 5 day novice course – for complete beginners.
  • Conversion courses – to cover a change of truck for an already qualified operator.
  • 3 day training course – suitable for an operator who has had practical experience but needs a licence.
  • 1 day refresher course – for a trained operator whose licence is due for renewal.

Talk to us about your individual and company needs! Please contact us here, or email


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