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We Are More Than Just Regular Forklifts

At Solution MHE we don’t just sell regular Forklifts! We offer a range of specialised materials handling equipment so you always have the right solutions – whether that’s saving space or money, we’ve got you covered.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Need to create more space in your warehouse? Narrow Aisle machines allow you to reduce your aisle width without compromising picking and pallet handling.

Solution MHE are an authorised distributor of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Forklifts from the Aisle-Master brand. These Articulated Forklifts provide excellent productivity, safety and space-saving capabilities, making them an innovative machine for any fleet.

We can create a personalised VNA operating system so you get the most out of your VNA machines. Find out more about our Aisle-Master by reading our product feature.

Side Loaders

Combilift long load solutions will help you achieve up to 50% extra storage! The range combines the advantages of a Counterbalanced Forklift, Side Loader and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) truck into one vehicle, giving you a complete solution.

At Solution MHE, we help companies of all sizes maximise the efficiency of their warehouse operations. From supplying a tailored Combilift truck to supporting you with the layout of your warehouse.

Pallet Trucks and Stackers

We also sell a range of smaller materials handling equipment like pallet trucks and stackers. Easy-to-use for even the most inexperienced operators, these machines are ideal for light use and can be used in narrow aisles like the VNA trucks above. They are perfect for light stacking tasks and order picking, an essential for any warehouse operation.

With manual and electric options available on the market, pallet trucks and stackers have a variety of capabilities and can be the perfect choice for smaller businesses or warehouses. They are manoeuvrable and ideal for crowded or compact work areas, whilst costing a lot less than a Forklift which may not work within the same space. Why not take a look at our range?

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Pick between New and Used Forklifts as well as other materials handling products available to buy.

To find out more information please browse our website. To make a purchase please contact our Sales Team by calling 0117 938 2012 or emailing

A Bit About Us

Managing Director Frank Smith founded Solution MHE in 2000! Read our story.

We Are More Than Just Regular Forklifts

Lithium-Ion Pallet Trucks
From £1,787.00 + VAT
1150mm x 540mm | 1,500kg
Lithium-Ion Pallet Trucks
Only £1,787.00 + VAT