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Why a Winter Service is Important for Your Forklift

As the winter season approaches and the temperatures decrease, businesses that rely on forklifts must prepare for the challenges that come with cold weather. A winter service can help.

Forklifts are essential in various industries, playing a crucial role in material handling and warehouse operations.

To ensure the smooth functioning of these machines, conducting a winter service becomes vital, helping you maintain operational efficiency even in the harshest conditions.

Are Your Forklifts Winter Ready?

Extreme cold temperatures can significantly affect the performance of your forklifts. It’s crucial to check they are prepared for winter conditions and are fit for work.

When not in use, ensure forklift trucks are kept covered and in a warm, dry sheltered area. They should never be left exposed to the cold weather for extended periods when inactive, as this can cause damage to electric systems.

It’s not just your forklifts you have to think about, but also the environment your operators are working in. Ice and frost can make work surfaces slippery, to avoid any accidents or hazards, ensure the area is heavily gritted before using any forklifts or other machinery.

It’s also important to remember to continue gritting throughout the day to prevent surfaces from becoming slippery.

Winter Checklist For Your Forklift

To keep your forklifts at maximum efficiency during winter, add the below to your checklist.
Check the tread depth and air pressure of your tyres. A larger tread depth provides better grip, an important element during winter. Winter tyres should have a tread depth of at least 4mm.

When the temperature falls, so does the pressure of your tyres. Ensure your tyre pressure in winter is inflated by 0.2 bar above that of summer tyres. Never over-inflate your tyres; this will reduce the amount of contact your forklift has with the floor.

The colder temperatures place increased stress on your engine, requiring your forklift to exert more effort in order to sustain typical performance levels. As a result, the battery will drain at an accelerated rate. It is imperative to inspect the battery for signs of excessive wear and consider replacing it if you anticipate performance challenges.

With prolonged darker days in winter, the proper functionality of your lights becomes paramount during this time. Test the lights for optimal performance, inspect for any indications of wear, and promptly replace them if needed.

Additionally, consider upgrading to LED lights for enhanced brightness, prolonged lifespan compared to halogen bulbs, energy efficiency, and increased resilience to cold weather.

Protecting Your Forklift Operators

Prioritising the safety of your forklift operators is an absolute necessity, especially during the winter season where hazards are heightened. Make sure all your operators are wearing suitable clothing to adapt to the colder conditions, this includes jackets, hats, gloves, and any additional, highly visible clothing to protect them against the freezing temperatures.

Forklift Maintenance and Servicing With Solution MHE

At Solution MHE, we provide a comprehensive set of services and support packages to help a variety of businesses in all industries. From tailored servicing and maintenance packages to fleet management tools, operator training and more, our service and support options are there to help you.

All of our engineers are multi-skilled, enabling us to offer everything from a basic re-wiring of a truck, to a full rebuild.

Book your forklift winter service with our experts today. Contact our team by emailing or calling 0117 938 2012.

A Bit About Us

Managing Director Frank Smith founded Solution MHE in 2000! Read our story.

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